Recruitment - Minimum requirements

CARVIDET, as a manufacturer of all kinds of detergents and chemicals of excellence, seeks high-level professionals with the appropriate professional and human approach to the philosophy of the company: grow and innovate in an unique way.

This way, the following are fundamental requirements for any of our functions:

  • ○ Proactive Approach, motivated and with a high degree of autonomy;
  • ○ High resilience when exposed to environments with competitive tension;
  • ○ Service-oriented personality, translated with a delivery with quality;
  • ○ Confidence, maturity and strong communication skills;
  • ○ Good multitasking management capacity;
  • ○ Good organizational skills and time management;
  • ○ Strong interpersonal relationship skills;
  • ○ Excellent teamwork skills, demonstrating openness to difference and cultural sensitivity;
  • ○ Very good analytical skills;
  • ○ Availability for international travel.

Spontaneous application

If you have the profile we’re looking for and want to be part of this motivated and ambitious team, send us your CV, as well as covering letter (indicating the type of function that you’re interested in) for one of the areas listed below: