Vehical Care


Car Wash Manual Shampoo Wax


Concentrated product, with high degreasing power and foamable, containing wax, water repellent, for hand washing of automobiles. Biodegradable product.



Detergent-based biodegradable water soluble product with high percentage in active matter. It has a high concentration of active substance; it quickly dissolves grease and dirt particles; does not attack paint or plastics and non-corrosive.


Fields of Application

Used within the automobile maintenance, for outdoor manual washing of cars, light and heavy, as well as other vehicles (motorcycles, tractors, etc). Due to its balanced formulation, the product is not corrosive or aggressive for the painting of vehicles. The presence of a water repellent agent promotes the formation of small bubbles of water, facilitating the rapid drying of the vehicle.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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