General Maintenance


Universal Degreaser


PLOK POWER CLEAN is a powerful degreaser usable for fast cleaning by spraying on all washable surfaces. Surfactants used in the composition of more than 90% of biodegradability.



PLOK POWER CLEAN is a ready-to-use product, it thoroughly and completely removes the surfaces requiring rinsing and leaves no residue. Its special formulation guarantees an instant cleansing and degreasing. PLOK POWER CLEAN is a product that is pleasantly fragrant. PLOK POWER CLEAN creates a fresh scent that lingers for a long time in the environment.


Fields of Application

Due to its formulation, PLOK POWER CLEAN eliminates ink stains, stamps, pen, lipstick and grease on desks, tables, workbenches, plastic laminate, formica, etc. As universal degreaser, the PLOK POWER CLEAN is effective in eliminating fatty deposits, oil and carbonaceous on all washable surfaces. The PLOK POWER CLEAN can be used in filters, fans, air ducts, pipes, cleaning machinery, cleaning ovens, grills, aluminium profiles, pre-wash, bumper, car rims and headlamps, as well as in its interior cleaning, cleaning computer keyboards and removing sticky residue and stains from pavements.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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