Our Products

Present on the market since 2006, with the final result, has been a constant PLOK brand. With an in-depth knowledge of the dirt and surfaces develops the best hygiene and cleaning products, to the most demanding consumers.


In the universe of detergents, PLOK presents a broad and diverse range, being present in multiple threads, so it is able to respond to the diverse needs of its customers.


The brand stands out in the area of effectiveness, such as cleaning, disinfection and brightness, but also with the more delicate dishes and clothes more soft and fragrant.

With its delicious perfumes, detergents PLOK promise to surprise and excite the senses of its customers.

But, above all, PLOK’s friend mark facilitates the life of consumers, leaving them completely satisfied with the results.


Always attentive to the needs of consumers, PLOK is a brand that is defined by the constant innovations.

Docwings, Lda.
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