General Maintenance


Surfaces Chlorinated Cleaner


Chlorinated disinfectant and perfumed detergent for the cleaning of washable surfaces. With active chlorine.



Product based on sodium hypochlorite and deodorant agents. Due to its formulation, the product has the following advantages: clears deeply because of its detergent action; disinfects due to its composition, which formulation contains a powerful disinfectant; it leaves a persistent aroma of superior quality; it gives a natural glow on its cleanliness. Readily biodegradable (> 60%).


Fields of Application

Due to its design, the product is recommended for use in cleaning and washing floors, countertops, tile, bathtubs, toilets, potties, among others. It is recommended for all types of industries, where disinfection by chlorine asset is a priority.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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