Vehical Care


Alkaline Rim Cleaner


Concentrated alkaline liquid detergent composed of surfactants gearboxes of the surface tension of water, mineral agents of low alkalinity and anti-redepositantes of dirt. Removes the dirt of the brakes, leaving the rims shiny and smudge-free. Product for professional use. Biodegradable product above 90%.



Its advanced formula has been specially studied where clean and brighten the rims of vehicles, even with a lot of ingrained dirt. Effectively eliminates the ferodo brake pads that are accumulating in the rims. Lj, non-corrosive and does not attack any of the components of the vehicle, such as windshield chrome, rubbers, paints, aluminium, etc.



LJ-Clean rims, must be applied by manual or mechanical spraying. Pure can be used, or use to concentration of 2 to 10% depending on the temperature and dirt. Leave a few minutes, depending on the type of dirt and pass with high pressure machine, or with water under pressure. The use of high pressure machines with cold or hot water is recommended for best results. Can also be applied in the grid of vehicles where they accumulate mosquitoes and dirt variety, repeating the procedure described above.

NOTE: In most rims or spoked reliefs more difficult to clean, you get best results when cleaning if used a plastic brush to aid in the removal of the dirt more ingrained.

Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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