Food Industry


Chlorinated Disinfectant Detergent Extra-S


The DSG 40 CL is a concentrated alkaline detergent designed for daily use in the food, beverages and dairy products industries. The DSG 40 CL is a cleaning, degreasing, foamable and highly disinfectant, based on active chlorine. Product used in HACCP Plan. Biodegradable product.



The DSG 40 CL contains a mixture of alkaline silicates, surfactants, sequestrants and chlorine. It is very effective to clean a wide range of food contamination. The presence of chlorine allows for the removal of organic origin and vegetable stains, and helps to prevent the deposition of layers of proteins. Non-flammable product.


Fields of Application

The DSG 40 CL is recommended especially to clean floors, walls, cutting tables, conveyor chains or other processing equipment. The formulation with silicates helps to inhibit corrosion of light alloys, such as aluminum. The DSG 40 CL can be used in a wide range of foam application equipment.


Available Capacities
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