Vehical Care

DSG 30

Alkaline Detergent for Washing of Cars and Surfaces


Concentrated alkaline liquid detergent composed of surfactants of surface tension of water, mineral agents of low alkalinity and anti-redepositants of dirt. Its advanced formula has been specially developed for pre-washing and exterior cleaning of vehicles, given the wide variety and types of dirt and the extreme delicacy of the paintings of the coachwork. It can also be applied on metal surfaces, parts and floors with strong fats of vegetable or mineral nature. Product for professional use. Biodegradable product above 90%.



DSG 30 is a product based on biodegradable and water soluble detergents with high percentage in active matter. It is usually used for the chemical cleaning of coachwork, auto pre-wash, metal surfaces, parts, decks and other numerous applications. DSG 30 is non-corrosive and does not harms any of the components of the vehicle, such as: windshield, rubber, chrome, etc.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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