Food Industry

DSG 20

Energetic Degreaser


DSG 20 is a degreaser highly concentrated energy controlled foam stabilized for cleaning and degreasing in areas where dirt is too crusted. Can be used hot or cold as a non-flammable product. Has a high power emulsifying of fats, oils and hydrocarbons. Biodegradable Product.



Product of several alkali surfactant. Due to the wording of the product is recommended to break up fats is difficult to remove. DSG 20 is quick of action and deep in degreasing the biggest kind of fats.



For Industrial use, especially suitable for cleaning and degreasing very dirty surfaces/flooring, machinery, heavy vehicles, utensils, etc. Can also be used in the areas and food industries, as in cleaning kitchens, grills, filters, slaughterhouses, etc.

Docwings, Lda.
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