General Maintenance


Strong Paint Stripper and Acrylic Wax Remover


Product formulated based on paint strippers, penetrating agents, solvents and water-soluble. For the removal of acrylic waxes and protective films on various types of water-resistant hard floors. Biodegradable product.



DCP is a paint stripper for tarpaulins, indicated to eliminate layers of wax or resin. It quickly eliminates remains off the floor, preparing them for subsequent applications. It perfectly cleans all kinds of pavement dirt, thus enabling a perfect bright auto wax application.


Fields of Application

Dose the DCP in a container/bucket with water, apply the solution and let rest, at least 5-10 minutes (do not allow the solution to dry). Then scrub the floor, vacuuming the dirty solution with a liquid cleaner and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Let the floor dry completely before applying new layers of protection.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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