Vehical Care


Radiator Antifreeze


Ethylene glycol based antifreeze, containing additives, anticorrosive and antioxidants, which, in a low-temperature regime, must be mixed with water in the engine cooling system.



Contains great cleaning agents; non-flammable or volatile; its boiling point in aqueous solution is slightly larger than that of water; using CARVIFREEZE 10% in high work regimes does not nullify it, thus ensuring a lasting and effective protection against ice, preventing an increase in water density, so that, during operation operation, CARVIFREEZE 10%’s circulation isn’t diminished; does not cause deposits or foam; it’s not harmful to any type of rubber, seals, couplings, joints, aluminum and other alloys; avoids the formation of rust and corrosion, as can be tested in actual circuit experience. Effective cooling of the engine. Protection against freezing, depending on the concentration.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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