Oxygenated Liquid Whitener


Liquid product with high richness in active oxygen, for the cleaning, disinfecting and whiteness of white and coloured clothes.



BO L is a high power whitening detergent and disinfectant product for all kind of textile fibres. Its content is very oxygenated deoxidising effective in eliminating organic types of stains on natural or synthetic fibers. Since its a liquid it dissolves easily and quickly, thus acting almost instantaneously. Can be used in domestic or industrial washing machines. It contains sequestrant agents so it is effective in water of any hardness.


Technical Characteristics

Homogeneous transparent blue floral bouquet-scented liquid.

pH (just like) = 2,50 – 3,50.
Viscosity (20ºC) = Density = 1.025 – 1.035 g/mL

The surfactants that comprise this preparation comply with the biodegradability requirements of Regulation (EC) No 648/2004.

Non-ionic surfactants: equal to or greater than 5% but less than 15%; agents of oxygen-based bleaching: equal to or greater than 5% but less than 15%; phosphonates: less than 5%: optical brightener; perfume (Hexyl Cinnamal).


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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