Chlorinated Liquid Whitener


Liquid product with high richness in active chlorine, to strengthen the action of the detergent, especially in cleaning and disinfection of whites.



BC L is a product of high power whitener and disinfectant for all kind of textile fibres, even in cold water. Bactericide of ample power, effectively eliminates the entire class of microorganisms. Active against gram+ and gram- bacteria, fungi, etc., so it is very suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of hospital clothing. It possesses a high content of active chlorine, stabilized, so it is an effective substitute for bleach without problems of handling and stability.

It contains sequestrant agents and is effective in water of any hardness. A product very easy to manipulate.


Fields of Application

Due to its design the product is recommended for bleaching and disinfection of whites.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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