Vehical Care


Strawberry Hand Paste


Auto Lav M is a folder/industrial hand cream, its composition, the result of a long study, balances the need for deep cleaning with the protection and care of the skin. Auto Lav M is a product of superior quality to take strong contamination of the hands due to its surface-active properties and innovative nutshell scrub. Auto Lav M contains lanolin and contains a fresh Strawberry fragrance.



Its composition is free from caustic compounds or solvents that can dry out the skin. Also does not incorporate plastic elements in their composition, which improves your ecological level. The continuous use of Auto Lav M eliminates the heavily encrusted dirt with no risk that need the use of compounds usually adapted for this use.

Complies with the regulations of the EEC on biodegradability.


Fields of Application

-Cleaning of hands on workshops in painting, glass, tires and repairs.
-Cleaning of hands in foundries.
-Cleaning of hands on workshops for general maintenance.
-Cleaning of hands in industries in general.


Docwings, Lda.
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