Vehical Care


Fragrant Dashboard Brightener - Mate


Mate product for cleaning, polishing and protection of inner surfaces of vehicles (dashboards).



Oil based product of silicone in solution of organic solvents, high performance. AT-P is a liquid and opaque product. Its careful formulation was created to protect and shine on plastic surfaces, varnished wood, etc..


Fields of Application

When applied, AT-P creates a thin colourless and water repellent film that protects and restores the original color of the surfaces. AT-P is a milky emulsion which gives it an almost indefinite stability. It has a fast drying, leaving a protective film that does not stain and is not toxic. The periodic application of product feeds surfaces while retaining its new aspect. The film left by AT-P is of great strength and resistant to the action of water and detergents.

The AT-P can be applied in all plastic surfaces and wood of automobiles such as dashboards, bumpers, mirrors, side protectors, etc.


Available Capacities
Docwings, Lda.
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